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  b94-1 Notice of application for home rights notice
Posted by: knigh7 - 07-24-2019, 12:39 PM - Forum: Fathers’ Rights, Legal Info, Court Orders - Replies (2)


Summery: She hit the kids, i called police and social workers, police asked her to leave the property. Kids been living with me full time for a year and 4 months, living in the family home that is registered in my name (Mortgaged, i have 180K equity). She has not seen the kids for a year and only calls three times a week. Divorce is going through, but very slow.

I got a letter from Land Registry with a B94-1 Notice, it says that it entered notice of home rights under the family law act in favour of my ex. Do I need to do anything?

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  gay dads
Posted by: Naive - 07-24-2019, 06:22 AM - Forum: THE LOUNGE - Replies (6)

I just thought Id post about this because its opened my eyes a little.
Ive always been pretty pissed off at the way the mums at the school gates treat me as a dad whos had to go to court for my child. The general idea that a dad cant be as good as a mother etc etc.
That was until I made friends with the gay fellas at my daughters school. Theyve adopted 3 young boys, ones a baby, and seriously I thought I had it hard. Im in this position because Ive made some bad decisions regarding who to have a kid with but these guys have done absolutely nothing wrong, in fact its incredible that theyve taken on these 3 children from horrendous backgrounds.
Theyve been telling me the trouble theyve had with the school, and that other parents have been openly hostile toward them. I struggle to believe what theyve been put through because of stigmas and antiquated societal beliefs.

Anyway, I thought Id post this because there are people out there that have it worse, and that clearly society still has a long way in accepting men as parents.

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  social media
Posted by: stoneangel - 07-23-2019, 05:57 PM - Forum: THE LOUNGE - Replies (16)

We've got a court case going on at the moment as my partner hasn't seen his children for a year now and CAFCASS due to interview him for the Section 7 in the next few weeks. There have been a number of things going on....

One we are a bit unsure about mentioning as it could look petty but is a bit of a safeguarding concern, is her use of Facebook. She always had her settings to friends only like any responsible adult until some time after they separated, but since then it has veered between posting everything publicly and then setting it back to all private again. She last privatised everything just before the FHDRA, we assumed because someone had maybe pointed out that it wasn't doing her any favours, and then several weeks later got cocky again and it's all back to public. In my opinion it is done to wind up my partner (who blocked her well over a year ago anyhow), as the posts are excessively about the children and designed to humble-brag about what an amazing mother she is and harvest likes off a small group of her friends.

She posts the full names of the children, about their birthdays, their school name, she has even this week posted photos of their school reports which include who their teacher is. The kids are not naked thankfully in any shots but are often sat around in their pants/shorts. Compared to my friends, who post occasionally about their kid's achievements, this is almost daily at times. I suspect she needs to keep proving she is a good mum....

As she stopped contact due to safeguarding concerns, is apparently training to become a child therapist and really should know better, do we carry on trying to ignore it, or mention it?

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  CMS calculation
Posted by: Astroman - 07-22-2019, 08:55 PM - Forum: Child Maintenance, Finances etc - Replies (9)

Hi all,

Was getting my son 4 nights in 21 day shift rota and was paying for my son £217 to ex didn’t get any holiday time officially. Now I get 9 overnight stays plus half of al holidays and I’ve just checked the online calculation and it’s only dropped by £36 to £181. Seems a little on the low side to me? I’ve over doubled my access over the 21 day rota so was surprised it’s not dropped that significantly? is it likely CMS have calculated this incorrectly? Don’t get me wrong I am more than happy to pay for my son but have my suspicions it may have been re-assessed incorrectly.

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  Urgent CAFCASS visit
Posted by: SeanS - 07-22-2019, 02:41 PM - Forum: Outside Involvement, CAFCASS etc - Replies (7)

Hi, after telling me a month ago that CAFCASS have not been asked for house visit, today just 3 days before finalising the section 7, CAFCASS called me to ask if they can visit home TODAY ! so literally I got 3 hours of notice and I'm at work all day Smile
To be honest I welcome it, I believe they decided to visit based on my parenting plan that I submitted to them in last few days. 

Anything I need to keep in mind for home visit and what kind of questions will be asked ?

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  pictures and videos as evidence
Posted by: Naive - 07-22-2019, 09:25 AM - Forum: Contact & Residence Issues, Problems with Child Arrangements - Replies (1)

Just a thought, has anyone used pictures or videos in court? not regarding the ex but to support the care given.
If so how does it work? format? would you use a flash drive etc?

Just to clarify, I have thousands of pics and videos over the years, in particular I have a 2 hour video from last year when I taught my daughter maths [she was 4 at the time]
The pure joy on her face as she realised how clever she is counting out and getting it right. I recorded it at the time because [overly dramatic I know] as a man I know Im never far from a false accusation or two from losing my daughter and so I wanted to record everything in case my daughter might see it one day.

What is the best way to showcase the care given? Im told by a friend that an excel spreadsheet was used documenting EVERYTHING, he secured joint residence with it.

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  Lost Cause - nobody listening
Posted by: kparsons76 - 07-22-2019, 01:27 AM - Forum: Contact & Residence Issues, Problems with Child Arrangements - Replies (8)

As with most bloke's story on here, there's far too much gone by to include on a post to give full clarity so I'll give a few headlines below then surmise my position below:
• my 2 sons live with my ex 80 miles away, contact for 10yrs was alternate weekends (2 x sleeps) and circa 50% school hols a 14 yr old and 11yr old
• Apr 18 my boy's changed behaviour worsens and he explodes at me down the phone as I'm talkin to him calmly about gratitude and consideration as I'd just bought him an x box controller. My ex signed him up without consulting me to start counselling for his type 1 diabetes and his emotions and behaviour changed drastically
• what proceeded from there were prolonged refusal to come and ex stopping him. Occasional contact would be reconvened, we'd have a positive time but my son would return home, make allegations and ex inflame them. My 14yr old who's high functioning autistic has still come every contact since
• 2 x parental alienation experts also used by courts have reviewed the abundance of 'evidence ' and clearly surmised strongly parental alienation indicators strongly met
• ex files court application Jan 19 for contact and travelling times as I work interim and have been based as far as 115 miles from ex's home. I file counter order for 14 yr old to reside with me as they are his independent wishes voiced as far back as Oct 18

Basically, since Cafcass's involvement and 1 c section 7 report and addendum report prepped for a hearing due last week which was cancelled due to insufficient judge availability. After the 01st hour of her 3 hour home visit, mrs cafcass clearly stated there's no grounds for parental alienation. I hadn't even provided her with the vast evidence supporting this or the 2 x specialist reports I had. Thus far, cafcass have helped re-establish positive contact with my other lad but that was something that could and should have happened previously bar the mother and grandmother causing it to fail. That's progressing nicely but at my pace for everyone included as I have 4 kids in total.

The only other measures in place since Jan are a 3 way email communication on the gov egress email between me, ex and cafcass which is pathetic but at least as of late my ex has shown her reluctance on several occasions to accept my suggestions of co-prenting and of manipulation (she was caught telling my 14 yr old that if he lives with me they'll have to move home and be poorer) this was under the nose of cafcass and the ex and I text each other about contact stuff.

I've refused to compile and submit a statement or parenting plan for the final hearing, sent a comprehensive appeal/case with clear and thorough evidence to prove parental alienation, several lies ex has told during the court process alone and why hasn't ex been challenged why not on any occasion did she not call me to balance my boy's serious claims but act so drastically on his account alone.

I've considered formal complaint through cafcass but after an early complaint from the safeguarding letter process where key details I discussed with witnesses was omitted from the final draft letter, yet the different cafcass officer overseeing that process felt it appropriate to include my ex's claims my wife has issues, OCD and all we do is fight in front of the kids within the final safeguarding letter!!??!!
I have sent a well structured counter appeal to the court's legal team but had no response.

To surmise - mrs cafcass keeps trying to get me to attend the final hearing when a new date is confirmed however I am simply refusing to attend such a hearing which will be driven by her 2 x biased and chronically incorrect reports, even stating I don't fear a contempt charge. That's how much against this process and a system that allows someone like my ex to continue to literally this very day, act the way she is/has done throughout. I won't leave all this at the roulette table and hope for the best because when court and cafcass have gone, it'll continue. This has caused great upset affecting my mental health, making me lose my job last year and adversely affected all of my kids, none more so than my son it involves.

I am a vastly experienced, successful and qualified executive headteacher of mainly residential schools, SEND and Emotional and cognitive behaviour of adolescents. I include this to highlight not only my understanding as a devoted and loving father but someone qualified to masters level in relevant fields.

What could the court do when I don't attend:
1) issue a warrant charge for contempt
2) go ahead with a final hearing when I don't attend
3) consider my evidence and full challenge to both cafcass reports and how cafcass have structured and set out their involvement in our case?
4) other

I don't have or want legal representation - the bench allowed the ex's mother who has been guilty of manipulation and alienation as she was previously installed as some form of comms intermediary, to be the ex's McKenzian friend during the first hearing although I opposed and provided reams of evidence to support my opposition.....

I have set out in my appeal and reasons why I won't be attending further hearings, in an articulate way with clear evidence examples - does this add weight to why I won't attend a final hearing driven by the two cafcass reports as they stand?
Is there a legal timeframe the court has to arrange a cancelled final hearing?

Any help will be warmly received

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  Ex changed GP surgery without my knowledge
Posted by: luhkyuht23 - 07-21-2019, 03:03 PM - Forum: Child Maintenance, Finances etc - Replies (3)

I am the resident parent and my ex has residential contact, mmy daughter has always been registered to my gp surgery since she was born and attends the local primary school in my area. My ex has been forced to pay child maintenance through deductions from earnings and she is appealing to a tribunual to get it stopped. I am in receipt of child benefit as the main carer and resident parent. As she did not have any documentation to show as evidence that she is claiming to be the main carer she has registered my daughter to her local surgery without my consent and knowledge and has been making appointments with the gp without notifying me and any medication given was not passed on to me. She is using this as a way of saying she has the main day to day responsibility and therefore should not be paying maintenance, this is the 2nd time she has done this and I had an issue re-registering my daughter back the first time as they required both parents consent which I found totally rediculous that she is able to do it. I made a complaint against them and they finally admitted her back. then I only just found out a few weeks ago that my ex had done it again and this time my surgery will not accept her back as this will just go on and on and its not good for my duaghters medical records as they may get lost.  I am unsure if the courts are able to issue orders with regards to surgeries and schooling, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  CMS survey. Closes 22/7/19
Posted by: Hazy - 07-20-2019, 09:38 PM - Forum: Child Maintenance, Finances etc - No Replies

There is to be a debate in Parliament by Mark Day MP on CMS on 23/7/19.

You can use this survey to have your say.


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  Child friendly holiday advice
Posted by: proud_dad - 07-20-2019, 12:26 AM - Forum: THE LOUNGE - Replies (11)


I want to take my boys (4 + 9 years old) on a child friendly fun holiday mid/late August. 

The 9 year old is an OK swimmer. The 4 year old wears arm bands. 

Both of them are quite active, need a lot of attention. 

What would you suggest?


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