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When sell house etc?

Rather than posting a reply on my back story here thought would ask this question as a new thread...

Long and short of it my Ex is happy with 50/50 split on the house, and doesn't want any of my pension etc... She just wants out and is eager to just agree stuff between us and move on. My lawyer on the other hand has told me to stay put in the house (for no legal reason but because gives us both more incentive to get things sorted), and stay put until the financial consent order has been drawn up signed by us both and crucially signed by the courts... However, the lawyer also said that the court won't sign it until our decree nisi is through, which could take months and months!!

My Ex wants to put the house on the market asap and split the equity 50/50 before the consent order or anything is signed by the courts, as she doesn't understand how we can sign something for a 50/50 split if we don't know how much it will sell for (I said that I presumed they just used the words 50% instead of a figure)

So , question... when is the "right" time to sell the house?? Before the finances are sorted and agreed or after??

It is obviously, very tough being in same house but I don't want to sell this place and then in another x months she comes after a percentage on my new house as well... (She cheated on me, but fails to see that has caused some trust issues!)

Any advice welcome!!

I think any buyer's solicitor will want to see that a consent order has been signed before exchanging contracts
Consent order can be done before the end. A court won’t finalize it until after the divorce is over but it can be completed and submitted to court beforehand. At the very least it shows consent and intent and a court would have lots of questions about why she wanted to change it.

I had the same concerns over sale/transfer but was advised that selling and splitting the money then me buying effectively took that money off the table. A court wouldn’t force me to sell if she decided to get greedy. Especially since it was a home for the kids too.

Absolutely wouldn’t leave the place though.
So if can get a signed consent order and submitted, but probably not finalized by the court, depending on how far along the divorce is... Then should be fairly protected and be able to put house on market

How long will the court keep it a signed consent order that they can't finalize?

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