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GPS/Recording Device
Don’t worry about it mate seriously
It isn't ok.

I don't agree with the whole surveillance parenting anyway let along sending my son with a device that has a primary purpose of tracking.

I have a partner and other children (my step children) to consider. She doesn't get to know where all my partner's family live. It is a massive invasion of privacy. I get that some people may feel differently about it. I haven't fought for 3 years for my rights as a parent and my son's rights to have me in his life to then be tracked like some kind of criminal. My divorce has just gone through, she dragged it out and it ultimately meant that she had access to 3 years worth of my bank statements and questioned every single spending decision. I want some form of privacy and a reasonable boundry. Without wanting to sound melodramatic if there is a human rights notice about it then it isn't ok! And for clarity she has kept everything from me, I dont know where she lives, she doesn't keep me up to date with any doctors appointments, serious or not.

A court wouldnt rule that I had to inform her of everywhere I went, this is even worse!
Found this which is quite useful. Particularly towards the end where there was a case where some goon decided to use recording devices to the extreme
I think the context of that article is about recording conversations that the person doing the recordings is a part of, hand overs, conversations with professionals etc.

It mentions nothing about covertly recording conversations that the person doing the recording has no part in. We already both record hand over conversations as part of a previous dispute. And when we set that up I gave her my consent to do so and to share any potential recording with whoever she chooses. I have no issues or concerns regarding my conduct. She did not give me any such permission despite me asking for it.

There is a very different thing in recording or tracking someone when they are unaware. She has made it very clear that she is not wanting to co-parent. We don't share decisions or information. I know for example she has a new partner, but only through my son telling me. I don't know where he lives, what his name is, where he works, has he any other children etc

She very clearly exercises her right to a private life. She is setting the tone for how we interact, it isn't a one-way street whereby i have to give up every detail of my private life for her to scrutinise, judge and comment on. I do tell her stuff that she doesn't tell me because I believe it to be the right thing to do, she has my address, she knows where we are going on holiday etc. Given how she already tries to control every single aspect of his time with me this is only going to make it worse.

I can see you were out late...

I can see you stayed at home all weekend.....

I can see you went to your parents....

Ultimately I am not going to get into a fight with her about it. Ill need to talk to my son about the rights of privacy for others, hows it's important to respect boundaries where photos are concerned and when is and isnt a good time to get a phone call (Oh Hi son, I see you are out for the day, are you having a nice time?) and the watch will stay at home or get turned off.

He has always been able to call his mum whenever he wants as long as its an appropriate time.

I mean the other option is to have some serious fun with late at night?? Strip club??? Give it a long haul lorry driver mate of mine???
I was going to say put it in the post to somewhere abroad...

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