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Schools are funny
Me: can I see information submitted by my child’s mother about my child
School: it’s against our policy to share information about your child with you
Me: “coughs politely” ... send me that policy or I will remove the children from the school and you’ll hear from my lawyer
School: “20 mins later” ... we checked, our mistake, you are correct , come in when you like and see what you want that relates to your child
Me: “under my breath” dicks!
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
Follow up on this one... and you are going to be shocked!

I had meeting with headmaster ... asked him to investigate what had happened and why i was told a lie (I was actually lied to 3 times by the teacher in that conversation but that ^ was the main one)

YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN AND GRAB A BEER FOR THE NEXT BIT (school know we have shared custody etc etc etc)

Headmaster said 'Our investigation showed that one of our senior teachers was influenced and manipulated by someone (the mother) and our teacher was instructed to tell you lies in order to stop you gaining access to a form that she (the mother) had submitted. She (teacher) doesn't know why she acted like this, but it won't happen again"

Think about for a minute.. a teacher with 20 years experience forgets the law and throws away all common sense to discriminate against a dad who just wants to see what information has been sent to the school by his kids mum.... (its not the 1st time the school have denied me information but it is the 1st time they admitted the mother was pulling strings)

I'm giving myself 2 weeks to cool down from this but I will have to act
What would you do... ?
Formal complaint? Sue them? Remove the kids?

Advice appreciated
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
I would lodge a formal complaint, and ensure they tighten they're processes. Schools and other organisations needs to be aware of fathers rights, and this will get it on the agenda. I would also lodge the complaint with the board of governors and the local authority.

We have to fight for every inch otherwise they will walk all over us.
this is interesting

ive sent a mail to my kids school requesting im kept in the loop with my children education, trips etc...ive heard nothing...i did send a letter in last year and again nothing, i suspect the ex has said something as ive had no problem with primary schools or my eldest school which is different

shall i just rock up and ask whats going on?
Formal complaint dear sir..
Its appalling that this ru bish goes on.
As the saying goes if the shoe on the other foot your be strung up high.
Thanks boys... i will make a complaint
I've worked with them from day 1 of the split (as i suspected there would be an agenda from the other side... so have kept them informed ... they knew we were in court but had no idea she was applying for sole custody)... but need to take it serious now if their teachers are taking sides

MrBungle - yes go and speak with headmaster, law is on your side
"Being a good father, for its own sake, does not require your ex to see it or agree"
All sounds very strange behaviour from the school. Surely it is no hassle for them to keep you informed at all times ?? My school actually email me along with other parents too any letters that get sent home with the children so i know what is going on too. Could they not do that for you ?
glad I found this thread. was going to start a new one regards advice but will tag on here, if that's ok. My child has just started secondary school and I need to contact them to let them know I exist. Twisted mum will not inform the school there is another daddy. she will pretend to the school that b/f is the father.

I looked at the template letter on here and thought it was a bit aggressive. maybe I,m wrong. anyone sent in a letter to a new school and had a good response? advice please?
I sent a Subject Access Request to my daughters school, all I got back was about 8 pages most of which were the forms I filled in when we enrolled her. Am I really to believe those are the only records the school keeps on each of their students? Attendance registers? Grades? non of that was in there.

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