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Unusual.. I won in court and child staying with me.. what to do now?
Wow, that really really doesnt sound right. I wonder if anyone else has experience of this?
It said at top of thread that mum only had access every other weekend. Therefore you wouldn't pay any child maintenance and she would have to pay you

If she lives with you then I would simply stop paying it as ex partner not entitled to anything
Im a little worried now, I cant find anywhere on the internet thats says a parent earning more must pay despite 50/50.
(08-20-2018, 12:29 PM)Naive Wrote: Im a little worried now, I cant find anywhere on the internet thats says a parent earning more must pay despite 50/50.

Page 29

Q: What happens if the day-to-day care of a child is equal between a paying parent and a receiving parent?

A: In this situation, the paying parent does not have to pay any child maintenance for that child.
So, it's there! perfectly written down!

I have just been on the phone with CSA.
Told them that when my case was opened I provided them with all the information and evidence (inlcuding emails with my ex where she confirms our shared routine)
So they just reviewed, said for me to upload the court order now - so they close the case.
and that they will then send a letter out to her with much money she has to refund me as the case was wrongly put as to me to be paying.

CSA has only started in March this year - I have had shared custody for the last 5 years, and has always shared expenses, but ex put a claim in, out of spite, when I started court proceedings.

I have also been on the phone with child benefit.
I need now to fill a CH2 form and send to them, then they contact the mother and ask if it's now the case that little one will be living with me. then I get the child benefit and then I can contact CSA to put a claim against the mother.
Jesus, she's got a shock coming. Batten down the hatches.
Goooood shit
All I have to say is well done for getting residency. I don't know the particulars of your case of course but even so, this is a very rare outcome, even in this day and age. So again, well done. I hope more men manage to do the same.
Why on earth would you have to pay her any money when the child lives with you. Get that stopped immediately as she is not entitled to it and infect she should pay you based on the online calculator

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