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fact findig faulse accusations
hi all. first time on here posting on behalf of my partner. it might be a long one but any advice/stories/outcomes would be much appreciated as we are worried sick and feel like we have no hope!

partner was with his wife for 10 years, three children together, marriage ended in june 2017. My partner maintained contact with the children, having them three nights a week for one whole year.

After a serious of facebook posts via an unknown account, which she thought was my partner, the wife stopped all contact with partner and kids as of may this year and requested if he wanted to have contact he was to go to court. partner tried numerous times to contact her for access into which she refused and rang the police claiming he was harassing her!! HE WASNT!

July this year- my partner pays for and attends mediation as this is requested before taking it to court. Wife didn't turn up.. messaged my partner to say she wouldn't be going as she didn't think this was appropriate and stated , once again that if he wanted any contact it would be through a court order..

fast forward to today... first hearing.
We turn up .. no sign of the wife. Next were told that she's in labour so she cant attend. CAFCASS read out there report on the wife's interview, THIS IS THE DEVESTATING PART.. in her cafcass statement she has made many allegations of domestic abuse. none have ever been brought to the police attention .. so no proof in that aspect. She claims she didnt go to the police as she was scared. CAN I NOW ADD SHE IS NOW ALSO ATTENDING DOMESTIC ABUSE SERVICE GROUP!!

She has made allegations that he hit her upto 4 times a year , fuelled mostly by drink... he never drinks!!

She has also said that one argument was caused by him making a pass at a 16 year old relative at a family bbq in 2016..

adding to the lies of the domestic abuse, shes stated that the children would cry excessively when knowing they had to go with there dad. THIS WAS NOT THE CASE, THE KIDS ACTUALLY CRIED ON RETURNING THEM TO HER!! She stated she felt guilty when making them go with there dad as they didn't want to go ? WE HAVE EVIDENCE VIA TEXT MESSAGES OF HER TRYING HER HARDEST TO GET MY PARTNER TO HAVE THEM MORE THAN THE THRE NIGHTS BECAUSE THEY MISSED HIM ETC.. IF SHE FELT SO GUILTY AND THEY DIDNT WANT TO GO THEN WHY WAS SHE TRYING HER HARDEST TO GET HIM TO HAVE THEM MORE?!
Basically im just looking for any outcomes off anyone who has been accused of domestic violence by the other parent, and with no police record of the sort, will it bypass it all or will they take her word for it.

Im Nt just saying this because im his partner but this man is the most loving, caring father ive ever come across. Not only with his own kids but with my own. Up until the contact was stopped by the wife, the kids thoroughly enjoyed coming to there dads.

We literally feel like although the only proof she has is her word, that there is literally no hope.

Hearing ended for fact finding, back on the 12th of October, in the meantime not even supervised contact is allowed. She has also got a harassment order so he cant contact her, just because he sent birthday cards for his children in the post. She's claiming he was emotionally manipulating the children through the cards, for simply writing he couldn't wait to see them and that he would give them there birthday presents then.


Frankly if I had a poind for every story I have seen about unfounded allegations given at family court - I’d be rich. And Id have a pound from my own story.

Basically, no evidence, no need to do anything. The court is used to mud slinging. Stick to being child focussed. Don’t call the ex names. Keep focusing on the children and their needs all the time.

Maybe deliver cards via a third party, or at school or whatever.

Basically I’ve come to realise “hell hath no fury...” is way more true than I thought.

It will be ok. It will take time. If your partner stays calm and keeps telling the truth the kids will realise and he will end up with a better relationship with them than they have with their mum.
What is happening next? Is it going to a final hearing? That's where it will get sorted out. The most important bit of that is his statement and any evidence attached to that statement. She will also have a statement - and if she has no evidence of anything it will all be seen as mud slinging. So it's just patience and as Tamagoto says - stick to being child focused. The mantra is "I just want my children to enjoy a happy home with both parents". Nothing negative about her.

She is fighting dirty because he has a new partner who will become a step parent.
Does he have a legal rep? This looks like a kind of alienation, you could add into position statement the need for the children to have their own legal representative. The request can be made in an email to the court. Make sure all the required details of the judge, court, reference, time of hearing and date of hearing are in the email.. I agree, mums tend to get nasty when there’s a new woman around.

Good luck.
Because of Tory cuts to be fair.

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