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Devastated Son Claims Abuse from Mother
OK it will cost you around £100 for mediation and £215 for the C100 - if you are on a low income you may get this reduced
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
Contact social services, if you son is old enough, let him wear a bodycam when this happens and provide it as evidence.
Inform the school on what your son has disclosed.ask them if they can speak to him. Also inform Children services of the above said.
Its always best to ensure that your son is not at any significant harm.
Ok - I have been here and if I could go back I'd do this. When your son is with you, you contact social services, tell them it is urgent as you don't want to to return him and ask them to come round and speak to him. If they hear it from him they will take it seriously and do something. If you just report it they tend to put it down to divorced parents accusing each other of things. If they won't come then call the Police and get them to come round and talk to him.

In my case I went to a solicitor to see about an urgent court hearing to keep son with me. I was told I wouldn't get one as no evidence. I was also told social services wouldn't do anything unless he was hospitalised and if I called them they would probably just go round to the Mother's house see everything normal and close the case. (Kids don't tend to talk when the parent is there of course). But if the child told social services what had happened they would do something.

This kind of thing goes below the radar because no-one sees it and there are no marks. Although I'm surprised the school didn't pick up on carpet burns. It's a shock - but in that situation you should take him to see someone immediately - a GP, the Police - show them the marks and let them talk to him.

What they can do is make an emergency order for him to stay with you but I think that's only for a couple of days and meanwhile you have to make an urgent application to court - but you will have the backup of the Police or social services or whoever, as your evidence.

You will probably then get an order to keep him with you short term. Long term social services will probably "support" the Mother and gradually have him back there.

I think the solicitor I saw was correct, that unless it's so bad they are hospitalised, then nothing much happens - unless the child tells someone. And they are too scared to tell someone when at their other parent's in case it gets back to them and things get worse.

You know your son - do you think it's real? Or would he say something like that because he hates it there and wants to live with you? Has been known. But I'm sure you can tell it's real.

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