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Anyway know anything about DV based on financial abuse?
My wife has filed for divorce (unreasonable behaviour). But while we are waiting for a hearing on that she has damaged my finances very badly, damaged my business, damaged my earning ability and ensured I lost tens of thousands of pounds by her actions. I have been stupid, stupid, stupid in trusting her with some things and that has now costed me very dearly.

I was reading something yesterday about this kind of financial abuse being considered domestic violence. Does anyone know anything about this and can I start some action against her to, among other things, tie her hands ASAP so she cannot cause me any more damage? She is in a position to cause me about another £20K's worth of damage in the next few weeks.

Any money lost unnecessarily, whether her money or my money, is money that is eventually not benefitting the children!
It would come under financial abuse / coercion and controlling behaviour.

You should speak to a DV charity for men like Mankind Initiative.

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