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is anybody else dreading xmas alone
i am, without my baby, and my horrible horrible ex, bless her,,,
I’m looking forward to it. But I know a lot aren’t.
Was planning on camping out here for a good part of the day to lend moral support when needed
i dread xmas, the pressure to satisfy the 3 children with the xmas lists as long as your arm, the industry i work in is manic, distribution for (M&S FOODS) so it is 10-12 night shifts finishing xmas eve morning, everyone expecting you to be in to day mode on the big day, in reality i'm fucked, up at shit O'clock because the youngest are excited lol... then its on to the prepping and cooking for the ex's parents as they come to stay .... so this year i'm doing fook all getting up when i wake and not woken, cooking nothing for no one and having the kids round in the evening to open their gifts from me, so hopefully this will be the best xmas in my eyes than the many before it ..... MERRY CRIMBO EVERYONE FROM the GRINCH ...LOL
My daughter knows she won't be with me for Christmas, but has told me I could have a little peek into her presents from Santa until we meet again after Christmas.

I think Christmas and the boxing days are the worst. I would recommend signing up with Scribd or something and start reading.
Yep I've sent 3 messages asking about Xmas as suggested my ex has my boy Xmas Eve and Xmas day and I pick him up at 5pm Xmas day, and have him boxing day .... No reply to any
I am dreading it - I really just feel like running away at the moment
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
I really, really feel for you guys who are facing Christmas alone.

If my STBX had her way, she'd be whisking the kids off to her Mums & having a cozy day there with them & her family & leaving me to sort myself out. As it is, we have agreed to spend this Christmas day together with the kids as it will be the last one before we part company & housing some time next year.

I am dreading it though. Partly as it will be so false (& I can't stand her company) & for the most as I know that every stage of the day will be the last it'll ever be like that for me & my kids. I'm gonna play the music though, cook the dinner, be as happy as I can be on the outside as I want my boys to have a good day.
2 years down the line - we now have alternate christmas Day’s lined up. This year is hers.

I get the kids at 10am Boxing Day and I have planned a second full Christmas with them. So boxing day is New Year’s Eve. Santa is coming twice, meal on 27th with my mum etc.

I know it doesn’t always feel the same, but even if you’re Christian we know 25th dec wasn’t the real day Jesus was born - take what days you do have and do something special then instead if you can.

Oh I’m buying myself two kittens. A day in my own with beers, unlimited tv and two cats sounds perfect!
Had a number of years of Christmas on my own - got it down to a tee. Book a cheap flight, go somewhere and party! You might meet someone interesting too. Flights on Boxing day and New Year's Eve are usually the cheapest - so you could spend Christmas Day packing and miss the whole New Year fiasco too. Youth hostels are cheap. Barcelona is good. Present to yourself.
A friend suggested helping out a local church, or soap kitchen etc. Helping others on christmas day helps keep you buys, but also makes you feel good.

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