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During telephone contact, ex instructs children to say "I miss mummy"

So kids are with me, she was cautioned with child cruelty and refusing to see the children via contact centre. She calls three time a week.

Yesterday, she was speaking to my 3 years old and she said to him "say I miss mummy", he ignored her, then she said again "say I miss mummy", the actully said "I miss daddy" then she said "No baby, say I miss mummy" then I intervened and said, look this is not on, you are playing with the children emotions.

She then went on a rant and said that she applied to the courts for custody. I think she wants to record the children saying "I miss mummy" and provide it as evidence when in reality, the kids do not miss her at all.

Thankfully I have my calls recorded.

If she does this again I will limited the calls from 3 days a week to 2 days a week. Is this sensible?
Oh dear, I hate to say this but no it doesn't sound sensible, it might be what you want to do, but ask, what would it achieve? In the eyes of those that judge us it maybe makes you look churlish and gives your ex ammunition.....
Your ex partner is just been really stupid and if she wants to keep telling a 3 year old what to say she is just wasting valuable time when she could be having a more productive phone call. Recording your daughter wouldnt be of any use and it wouldnt make no difference to her case if your daughter missed her or not.

I would leave her to ring 3 times a week as normal unless she does something seriously wrong. Shes already letting daughter down by refusing to go to contact centre. No matter what she says or does that will be the 1st place she will have to attend if she ever wants to build contact back up
Thanks for the advice. I will follow the advice and will let her call and just be watchful of what she says
So yesterday, she calls on speaker with the little one. Then she starts to argue with her sister who i assume is next to her and starts telling her sister to eat shit. I hung up and texted explaining that she can not use that language as the children can hear clearly. She calls back and says to my little one "say you miss mummy" then I hung up again. She behaved herself today.
Thanks you, all fantastic advice.

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