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Section 7 Report
depends who you got on day, if you had supervised for 4 months already it really should be moving forwards to unsupervised. but will the in laws use the latest incident against you so u have to wait until next hearing potentially. Maybe it will remain until final hearing which should be 5/6 weeks after, its just waiting for the s7 report which you should have next friday
I’m sure they will use everything they have to stop me seeing my children. However, I am going to urge my ex not been at home and constantly going to the hospital won’t provide stability for the children and will ask Judge to bring the children home . They shouldn’t be staying with her mum and dad anyway and I raised this with CAFFCASS officer as well. I will have to wait and see.
"The CAFCASS officer said this will have negative impact on me and I’ll have to justify it at court."

"He said he wasn’t having a go but I shouldn’t have gone there. "

It baffles me when I hear professionals acting on a law to themselves.

You as parents can CAN agree arrangements for your child and do not have to wait for courts to decide or the recommendations of cafcass.
Some times they lose sight of what is best for the children and heavily fog the reports on he said she said, he did she did.

I have seen a lot of , un professionalism, Having worked in social care and very familiar with the court process and cafcass reports.Angers me that someone in such status will make individuals feel they need to step on egg shell.

If the report goes of track and minimises the welfare check list I would strongly challenge it. Especially if such reports are factually incorrect and misleading.

Please feel free to in box me ,may be able to help
That’s right I felt that I have been told off for something that even won’t effect children. I thought I could sort it out amicably and that’s why I went to talk to them but now the only way forward is through the court. I’ll have to wait and see CAFCASS resort and take it from there.
Personally I don’t think knocking on someone’s door is a criminal offence and should be raised with CAFCASS.
If you have any concerns regarding the content of the report pls,feel free to contact me. Pm sent

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