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Going for Clean break. help needed.
Hey guys.

As the divorce is nearly finished I would like to do the clean break.
What is actually included.

We had 3 houses.
1- Family home. now sold for 120k
2- investment property . ex lives there now. worth 80k with 50k equity
3- my current house that I bought a year before marriage, we married and lived here for a month before moved to family home till separation.  worth 80k now with 60k equity. 

My question is, I am clear about the 1 & 2 that should be 50/50 but what abut my current house no 3 will it be also part of the asset for clean break?  I always paid the mortgage for this house myself from the rent collected and the Ex never contributed any repayments as she was not working till the end.

Including all 3 house in clean break . I will have to pay her 65k and not including my house I would pay 35k to her. any thoughts? thanks
Hi - Its likely the house would be considered, the rent collected would be considered as both of yours, a lot of it depends on timescale, if it was bought in the last couple of years you have a better argument to keep it as your own, if its say 10 or 15 years ago its more likely to be considered a joint asset.

Also, have you considered pensions, savings and other investments, as well as debts in your workings?
50:50 you mention would be the starting point. Your ex will try to increase her stake by putting arguments forward i.e. she has the children, her and kids need to be housed etc....
@MrSandman No I got no saving etc only I have the money tucked away from the house sale.
@ Leader1978 Good idea to start with 1&2 as 50/50 and will let her WIN by getting 50% of the no 3 too. Either way 65-70k is the maximum damage.
I can easily regain my losses in a year but will have to pay the more in maintenance. why not. Lucky bastard. I did not know I was a catch. lol.

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