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Parent alienation - the good father - 11-21-2016

Hi I am in need of help with my eldest daughter (12) my ex has told her all sorts of stuff regarding our past to the extent we're I had to restrain her cuz she was kicking and punching out at me all because of a mix up regarding a hospital app which I told her that I had to go and talk to the ex which they think I goin to hurt her as this is what she told we split 4 years I've tried to speak to my daughter bout situation but she is convinced the break up was all down to me even thru it was my x who cheated she has constantly broke court order been back to court and she still try's to change any ideas should I report it to social services or maybe caffcass as I have read it's hard to prove in court is there any help I could get for my daughter as I worried she will stop coming like her brothers have thx in advance any help would be appreciated