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This Weekend - invisibleintellectual - 04-07-2017

Gents (And supporting ladies)

This weekend is going to be an awesome one apparently.... remember a few things

1) Your child still loves you no matter what
2) You still love your child no matter what
3) It WILL end and you WILL see your kid
4) Allegations have to be proven

That being said, have a beer, bbq or anything else - and smile - even if its through tears, there will be sunshine for you and it will come soon Smile


RE: This Weekend - Frisbos - 04-07-2017

Awesome, thanks!


RE: This Weekend - strider - 04-07-2017

Yup, always good to remember. Nice one, Invis.

On some old music forums I used to post on a few years ago there was always a weekend thread that people used to chip in with what their plans for the weekend were from Friday night through to Sunday night. Could be a good thread to have here in order to see what dads plans are over the weekend with/without contact with the kids and maybe encourage activity etc for struggling dads. Maybe it'll fall flat on its face but I'll start:

Friday: night in by myself, rubbish on the TV, a few beers, bed.
Saturday: CONTACT! All day with my marvellous baby son, day out somewhere, lunch, play etc, drop at the mad ex's later on, then I'll meet some mates for the football, bite to eat, bed.
Sunday: lie in, tidy and sort flat for Monday's CONTACT!, follow the football, gym, bit of prep for CAFCASS, meet my mate for a Sunday afternoon pint, home, bite to eat, COUNTRYFILE!, bed after MOTD2.