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Court next week - Chris2017 - 08-07-2017

Guys need your help.

Next week I've got my 30mins hearing as applicant father since I've not seen daughter for 4 months. Mother has poisoned my 10yr olds mind to the extreme I've had no contact and calls impossible where her mother creates arguments and never get to speak to daughter.

I've got huge texts as main evidence.

I'm self representing. I've requested CAFCASS and believe they are due to contact me before the hearing.

It's been 4yrs since last hearing so I'm out of touch. What do I need to prepare for next week? Am I assuming it's going to be me giving brief summary why I'm taking ex to court?

Your help appreciated.

RE: Court next week - Chris2017 - 08-09-2017

I've drafted a Position Statement is this all?

Evidence including text nesssges etc will be for main Directions Hearing?