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Ex walked away with our daughter - Dazio - 09-18-2017

Hello All,

I would like some advice before instructing my solicitors to proceed.

My ex and I split last week and she decided to take our daughter away claiming they don't feel safe in the family home. I know I can't-do anything about it, however, i haven't been informed of my daughter whereabouts.

It's our second separation, this time for good as we argued a few times over and said nasty things to each other.

I have parental responsibility and I'm genuinely concerned about my little one, on top of dying to spend time with her. Thinking rationally, I have the feeling that she has orchestrated and premeditated all this. 

I've done my best to try and resolve this through dialogue, however, I was asked not to meet my daughter at school after a text also mentioning my daughter doesn't feel safe around me. She now has someone (male) dropping my daughter (with mum), someone who threatened me and been involved with my ex not long ago although I forgave (denied all the accusations).

I really don't know what my first step should be as I'm scared she will make up accusations to keep me away from my daughter for good.

Any opinions would be much appreciated.