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Evidence - what exactly? - Charlie7000 - 02-18-2018

Ok I remember somewhere it being said that you can't use anything from before previous hearing as anything before that hearing is now deemed to have been dealt with.

However, have text and email evidence that relates to current case and accusations, which is dated prior to last hearing - and not relating to any of the issues in the last hearing.  So is it ok to use that?

RE: Evidence - what exactly? - asd1270 - 02-18-2018

Ill would still submit it. I have just recently had all my audio and phone text transcribed ready for my retrial.
Audio from 2013 only of significant incidents.
Text from recent

I am though on a mission to prove everything that has been falsely said about me.
As the judicial system in a mess and do not follow the procedures as I had previously found out during my proceedings which left me with a wrongful biased court order.

Previously they brushed it under the carpet when I highlighted it in my position statement as bullet points of events occurred.
This time its in full. So I can show im not bullshitting to what I have stated in my statements and that the allegations put fwd by the ex is simply factually untrue.

RE: Evidence - what exactly? - Rjc - 02-18-2018

Can I just ask what kind of allegations are you both facing as my path has only just started I don’t know what her intentions are towards me I don’t want to be left on the back foot. Thanks.

RE: Evidence - what exactly? - asd1270 - 02-18-2018

Keep a record of everything . It will come useful if you need to evidence anything.Especially allegations.

RE: Evidence - what exactly? - Charlie7000 - 02-18-2018

Rjc any allegations will be looked into by Cafcass and unless she has evidence they will not find anything. One thing, along my journey, I have found to be very unsatisfactory, is that you cannot produce evidence until a final hearing. When to bring your evidence along to a first hearing, that counters any allegations, would mean allegations could be dismissed much earlier in the process. It is a slow bureuacratic process.

For advice on how to prepare for all this, there is a very good thread called "Care Wars" on here - under the heading of Advice to separated dads (third heading down on main forum menu you I think) - you will see the post titled "Care Wars".

RE: Evidence - what exactly? - avadad - 02-18-2018

charlie, produce evidence,? final hearing? surely its before the final one?

RE: Evidence - what exactly? - Charlie7000 - 02-18-2018

Don't understand. Getting evidence ready for final hearing.

RE: Evidence - what exactly? - Rjc - 02-18-2018

Do you mean things like today I packed our daughters bag took her to my mums and then down the beach. Took her back and bathed her to find her ex had gone through the baby’s bag and took all the baby’s clothes out. So now I’ve got a naked baby with no baby grows and no pjs. But not only that I took thermals for the baby incase it was cold down the beach to find she’d taken all them out as well. Oh then when asked when I got in she said she took them out by accident.

Oh also standing behind the car this morning to prevent me from driving off when today is my day to have quality time with the baby. Then she decided to get in the car too so I drove down the road with her in the car as well saying stop doing this in front of our daughter.

This kind of shit as evidence?

RE: Evidence - what exactly? - Hazy - 02-18-2018

Dear lord the lengths they go to!!

This is coercive and controlling behaviour /domestic abuse.

RE: Evidence - what exactly? - Charlie7000 - 02-18-2018

That is awful RJC. What I meant was certain behaviours towards child evidenced in a text message, but message dated before last court case. Can it be used?