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Found it, boom. [reasons shared care works for child] - Naive - 03-20-2018

The Benefits of Shared Residence and Shared Parenting

Removes the need for a child to choose between the parents
Allows both parents to love and nurture the child in much the same way as they did prior to parental separation and therefore promotes the continuation of family life
The child does not feel rejected by the non-resident parent and does not blame himself
Confirms to the child that he still has two parents who love and wish to care for himĀ 
The child derives emotional and psychological security from having two fully engaged parents
The child is no longer brought up to believe that the resident parent is the real, better or main parent and that the non-resident parent is a lesser parent or to be rejected
Re-affirms the responsibility of each parent to care and provide for the child
Sends a clear message to the resident parent, schools, doctors, CAFCASS and the courts that both parents are equal and that all decisions relating to the child should be based on this principle
The child is more likely to grow up in a well-adjusted manner
Reduces parental hostility as it requires both parents to negotiate and make joint decisionsĀ 
Prevents the breach of court orders and therefore the need to continually return to court

RE: Found it, boom. [reasons shared care works for child] - Tom_W88 - 03-20-2018

if only those in power realised this.

RE: Found it, boom. [reasons shared care works for child] - Charlie7000 - 03-20-2018

Some do but not many I think - or maybe they just think it's right rather than understand why.

RE: Found it, boom. [reasons shared care works for child] - Charlielovesyou - 03-20-2018

Problem with shared care is that usually the non resident parent is working full time and the resident parent is usually only working part time. So the NRP is usually not available to take care of the child all the time and if the RP is when you would need help to care for them then they would give that time back to the RP if they ask. Which if they are trying to restrict contact they are more than likely too when they find out. I think that makes sense?

Basically the only way they see shared care working is if you both worked part time and around each other in order to take care of the child. Unfortunately unless you are jobless this is very unlikely to happen as the one receiving child benefit gets all the help regarding the child. Although i do know people that do have it but they havent been through court and done it themselves. One lad i know works 4 on 4 off, the mother works part time and he has them when he is off, her shifts are done around him basically. I think you need to have an amicable relationship for it to work mostly. Although there will be cases where it works also.

I want shared care but i wont get it whilst my daughter is young as the mother works part time and is home most of the week. I will be looking to get closer to it when she starts school as my work will help me out and accommodate me to a degree when i need to drop off and pick up from school.