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suit or no suit? - Naive - 04-19-2018

My first hearing was when it snowed so I wore trousers shirt jumper.
I kind of get the feeling a full on fitted suit with tie seems over the top. Try hard.
But on the other hand my ex has tried to paint me as some beer swilling arsehole that sits in the pub all day while my daughter plays with the traffic. Im thinking a full on suit and tie would be best.

What have you guys worn?

RE: suit or no suit? - Chi21965 - 04-19-2018

I've worn trousers with a black t-shirt and suit jacket. Sort of smart casual. I agree suit and tie seems over the top.

RE: suit or no suit? - TwoWheels - 04-19-2018

I agonised over this one, but wore a suit and tie and didn't regret it. So long as it doesn't look as though you're wearing one for the first time ever because someone's told you to, it's the safest option - it suggests that you're taking it seriously and are sticking by the conventional norms on how to behave. This should hopefully help convince the magistrates/judge (who are likely to be of a generation where a suit and tie is still seen as standard) that you are safe and to be trusted. It's also a bit more difficult for suggestions that you are beer-swilling arsehole to stick when you look as though you are Mr Normal from the nearest office.

There's also the argument that psychologically you are likely to perform better if you dress up for the occasion, although personally I'm less convinced by that one.

RE: suit or no suit? - Cheese_head_1986 - 04-19-2018

I wore smart trousers, a shirt, waistcoat and a smart jacket and black shoes. No tie though. I felt smarty turned out enough to show I'm taking it all seriously but not so smart it was uncomfortable or looked somehow "forced"

When I was waiting for court a dude got asked to leave because he turned up in sweat pants (ripped) a T-shirt (dirty), trainers (no laces and had holes in) and a cap.

People will form an opinion of you based on how you look. If I had turned up to court dressed like I had just been farted out of a pub bin in bumble-f*ck nowhere then rightly so no one would have taken me seriously.

RE: suit or no suit? - Naive - 04-19-2018

Yeah I think that decides it, I’m going to be safer than sorry.
The reason I’m worrying about it is because the ex’s statement is so contradictory, on the one hand she paints me as pub lout, smoking in a pokey flat. In the next paragraph she paints me as career guy that puts his job first and will skip off to London on the next consulting contract that comes up.
Of course I’m also an aggressive bully so turning up suited with legal team in tow might not display a warm dad feel.
Ha ha decisions, I’m not paying the solicitor £80 to ask for her waffle so thanks guys.

RE: suit or no suit? - marwood - 04-19-2018

I wore a grey suit, tie and black dress shoes. You're more likely to be penalized for under dressing than overdressing.

RE: suit or no suit? - Mr Sandman - 04-19-2018

Suit if you are comfortable enough - smart casual if not.

RE: suit or no suit? - Naive - 04-19-2018

Thanks guys, I’m leaning toward the sparkly gold Elvis suit. I’m comfortable in that

RE: suit or no suit? - MrBiz - 04-19-2018

I wore a suit first time then I wore smart jeans, shirt and shoes.

RE: suit or no suit? - asd1270 - 04-19-2018

Wear a skirt and ur likely succeed in a 20/80contact arrangements in ur favour