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Judgement day ! - SeanS - 08-15-2019

place holder for updates from tomorrow' directions hearing ( section 7)

representing myself. Dropped off the trial bundle and 'note' to the judge yesterday, that also has the draft order. I can't wait to take the children out of contact center starting from Saturday !

want to take a moment to reflect back on the journey started exactly a year ago Aug 2018 ! And thank each and everyone who helped me to get here so far...I don't think I could have done it alone, I'm pretty sure about that.

RE: Judgement day ! - Tigre - 08-15-2019

Good luck Sean!! Well done for reppin yourself through all this. Fingers crossed for you and look forward to hearing the good news tomorrow!!

RE: Judgement day ! - Astroman - 08-15-2019

Good luck!!

RE: Judgement day ! - Leader1978 - 08-15-2019

All the best Sean, you'll be fine.

RE: Judgement day ! - AK2018 - 08-15-2019

Good luck !!

RE: Judgement day ! - warwickshire1 - 08-15-2019

Good luck, bring it home Smile

RE: Judgement day ! - SteveyA - 08-16-2019

Best of luck Sean, go get em!!

RE: Judgement day ! - SeanS - 08-16-2019

thanks at the hearing Ex told Judge she only partially agreed to my proposals ( which based on section 7), she wanted herself to be a resident parent...and she wanted judge to recommend a course for me !! Judge acknowledged that he had seen my note and the draft order. He warned if there is a disagreement it will go to final hearing, and that is what happened !
Judge acknowledged that the delay so very frustrating for the father but suggested the process has to follow where there is disagreement. Ex says she wants to question the CAFCASS officer at the final hearing. While gauging from Judge's reaction to Ex' statements I could tell what was going in his mind, and I can already tell what the possible outcome will be in the final hearing...

BUT for now on to FINAL HEARING. A few more weeks at the contact center...

RE: Judgement day ! - warwickshire1 - 08-16-2019

Ashame judge couldnt of ordered some interim contact unsupervised on a saturday weekly until final hearing. Not fair on children and yourself

RE: Judgement day ! - Leader1978 - 08-16-2019

Not all doom and gloom, you are still seeing the children. You faced a typical issue that arises from a DRA hearing, contact would increase if it was consented to by both parties. However, given your ex disagrees with the S7 recommendations then she has to be given the opportunity to get the Cafcass officer called into the witness box, of course you can do the same.