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RE: school issues - TwoWheels - 11-19-2019

(11-19-2019, 07:20 PM)jamesbond Wrote: two wheels, is it easy to find if the childs school is academy or not?

It should say on the school's website whether it is or not; if not then give the school receptionist a call and ask them. If you don't want to speak to the school, call your local council education department as they'll know, or have a look for it in the list at

RE: school issues - Sb1353 - 11-19-2019

(11-19-2019, 07:20 PM)jamesbond Wrote: many thanks to sb, Charlie and twowheels for taking the time to reply. For sb, Im sorry to read that you are experiencing the same shit as me. Not nice. There may be teacher dads on here so no offence is meant but.... who do these teachers think they are.
anyway, To sb, did you have a meeting booked? When you got to the school what happened? Did they have a meeting then chance their attitude?
two wheels, is it easy to find if the childs school is academy or not?
to other dads that are following and in similar place, contact the school. We need to be more pro active against schools breaking the law
cheers all

In my case it was emergency so as soon as my son told me that his mother and grandmother hits him I reported it to the police and children services. In regards with the school I did bot make a meeting as I explained it was quiet urgent. School weren't interested in meeting me anyway as ex had already poisoned them and they took side with her. When I asked for complain procedure headteacher then was interested to see me.  As you may know any complaint has to be kept in school for Ofsted inspections. So even though the government guideline say they must treat both parents the same in my case they didn't. I didn't even received an apologies from the school. I am now writing to school governors. I have a feeling that they will back the school.  I will go as far as Ofsted to prove my point that fathers like us want to be involved in our children educations and their lives so no one can stop us.

Headteacher wants me to move on and told me I can make appointment to come and talk about my child education. However, I want them to accept wrongdoing and apologise.

Finally I want the school to tell me what information (lies) they were told by ex to treat me like a criminal so I can take poisonous ex to the court for defamation of character and harming my reputation. I will teach that Bxxxh a lesson she will never forget.

RE: school issues - jamesbond - 12-06-2019

Update. Waited a long time for a meeting, even thou the teacher in question was trying to swerve it. Started by asking for permission to record so I have an accurate account. Teacher refused. Wasn't happy straight away. Rushed off to bring in a colleague . I knew the second was going to back the first of course. I asked for a simply statement explaining "this meeting is suspended and why" . Refused. 2 teachers stuck on a loop. Why? to me.
I will now ramp it up to body of governors. Feel they know they are in the wrong. and drawing up the draw bridge. From experience do the board side with school or are they likely to help? thanks

RE: school issues - Rockingit - 12-12-2019

I know I'm going to have this battle probably next year when mine is looking at moves up to Secondary. For some balance, I've had for the most part great support from her primary school, OK the occasional bit of info doesn't get to me but that's usually oversight rather than 'policy'. Her Head and I probably exchange an email every couple of months as an average and it's on friendly terms. I have no doubt that my ex tries to be a poison dwarf with the school office and her teachers but I think my 'frustratedly calm' approach is making them realise who the antagonist is!

However.... when I contacted County Hall education to make sure that they have both of our addresses on record (I have a live with/live with) they told me they could only hold the address of the parent with Child Benefit.......... which is just outrageous as it makes a mockery of the court order.