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Final Hearing - scotay - 06-18-2020

So after a year of my daughter being in my care and the ex now serving time for multiple breaches of a non-mol & restraining order, (,  next week is the 5-day final hearing.

Ex will be presented from custody in the enclosed dock so that should be interesting, believe it or not she is still seeking a non molestation order against me and in her scott schedule still banging on about her allegations of abuse, nothing about our daughters welbeing.

Should be an interesting week.

RE: Final Hearing - warwickshire1 - 06-18-2020

Her scotts schedule is going to be quickly dismissed by judge. And very poor nothing about her own daughter. I am guessing you will be handed residency and don't know what they will do with your ex. you sure she wont appear via video link as that happens a lot these days

RE: Final Hearing - Chi21965 - 06-18-2020

Scotay, few of these family matters involve a custodial sentence, so you should use a few fewer details on here in case you're identified.

But, well done and good luck.

RE: Final Hearing - Tigre - 06-19-2020

Best of luck mate. You've been through hell you and your daughter deserve peace

RE: Final Hearing - scotay - 06-29-2020

So after a full week in the final hearing with yet more allegations and mud slinging by the ex's barrister the court ran out of time to give verdict, now going to be in a few weeks.

Some absolutely shocking evidence presented by local authority and stonewall proof of parential alienation, child psychological abuse, false allegations to police, ignoring of court orders.

I suspect it will be a care order in favour of me, ex only getting indirect contact at this time.

Absolutely exhausting week plus having to sit and hear vile lies about yourself and having to sit and take it.

RE: Final Hearing - Charlie7000 - 06-30-2020

Sorry you've had to go through all this. Fingers crossed for a good result.