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Phone calls to kids - sc0tland - 03-19-2021

Hi. Been through pretty much everything on this site like so many although this is the least of the dramatic episodes. Only looking for a straight answer if possible.

I am starting to take the big huff with my 11yr old daughter. Had regular phone contact and now when I call or text I am either being blanked or told she is too busy to talk.

Having fought pretty much her entire life to maintain regular contact, now when I eventually get it, she blanks me.

On the one hand I want to tell her this is both rude and ignorant behaviour with any individual and not acceptable and on the other, am I simply being a big needy drama queen who has to accept it is what it is?

My question to as many as have the time is:

Drama Queen or Responsible Parent?

Say it how it is....please!


RE: Phone calls to kids - gurmukh1985 - 03-23-2021

mate, my daughter is 5 years old and there was a time i had video called her and she wasnt talking. i simply had it out with her lol a 5 year old yes i said "look i call you to talk to you because i miss you if you dont want to talk to me then il just go as theres no point if you dont want to talk to me and il see you on my days" she immediately started talking to me then after a big "nooooo wait" from her. after that i cant say shes ever been quiet with me over the phone. point is talk to your daughter and tell her you only ring her because you want to see how shes doing and that you understand shes got things to do but a few moments will mean alot to you because you miss her. thats what i think, your not a drama queen buddy