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What can we do as a collective - Phil80 - 07-14-2021

Hi fellow separated Dad's.

So I'll briefly explain my situation. I went through court recently. Separated nearly three years ago. I've landed with access three out of four weekends, Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon on two weekends and then a lunchtime until Sunday afternoon on another. Fourth weekend is the exs

I'm fairly happy with the outcome and have reached the stage of accepting that I simply cannot engage with my ex any more and need to move forward with what I've got.

But that isn't really why I'm here. Throughout the process my ex lied, acted terribly and in the section 7 report was pulled up on issues (mainly the lying and alienation). However there was no real condemnation.

I realise the system is better now than years ago but unless I'm missing something it still seems heavily biased.

Is there anything we can collectively do to address this. It seems like for all the progress made, trumped up charges of abuse etc can still have a.devastating effect. That's leaving aside all the lies and bad behaviour.

It seems like any father's group is.up against it as any such grouped is quickly condemned as misogynist and the like but surely we can fight it?

RE: What can we do as a collective - warwickshire1 - 07-15-2021

No theres nothing you can do . All you can do is eek extra contact .your current order is set up for variation next year where u can ask for every other weekend 2/3 nights each time

RE: What can we do as a collective - Phil80 - 07-20-2021

Thanks for the response and noted.

But on the broader point (not specific to myself), as I can see there's others on these boards that have fought through these types of battles, what can be done to address some of the nonsense we are up against.

Can we lobby / form some kind of support group. It seems we would need to be quite savvy given the status quo and I suppose there's not much political support for our cause.

Whilst I feel things have ended up ok for myself it feels that isn't the case for many and whilst I have no legal training myself I can't be the only one willing to support on this (as grateful as.I am to the legal bods that do support on

RE: What can we do as a collective - FRAM - 07-20-2021

This Forum is very useful and there are clearly some great guys here.
I believe the divorce system in the UK is wrong and broken. too slow, the woman is always supposed to be the best parent and the one that need to receive 50% of the assets. This at least in my case was ridiculous since I left my successful career in banking to be a nearly full time father and my ex wife was career driven and earning massive amount of money and not taking care of the children.

There must be something we can do! we cannot be always silent. After my divorce I have heard so many friends going through the same nightmare I have experience with my ex. this is absurd and we need to find a way to defend ourself. Personally I strongly recommend not to marry in the UK or come to live in the UK if you are married. My divorce solicitor is not married.....