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Child Acting Up at School
Hello Fellow Fathers,

I have a nine year old daughter who is incredible smart and talented and of course in my eyes the most perfect child ever.  However my wife and I have been separated for over a year and I am receiving calls from the ex that she is getting in trouble at school.    Someone was making fun of her and she could not take it anymore and ending up pushing the girl into the locker and making verbal threats.     She is only in Grade 4 but in other schools there is zero tolerance and that could be cause for expulsion.    I am not sure where it is coming from as she has never acted out aggressively before and I have never laid a finger on my wife for her to mimic anything she has seen within the home.  Has anyone else experienced unusual behaviors from their child after they have separated/divorced? Huh
Not personally ... my kids have continued as they had before... not saying i wont have some challenges as we separated about the same time as you but so far so good

Get up to the school with the ex wife if possible, say you are happy to work with the school and the kid to work things out

Honestly - its a one off eh? and probably nothing to do with the separation - we all have bad days and maybe they want to focus on the making fun (a form of bullying) of the other kid rather than on the reaction of your daughter which seems plausible

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