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Cafcass Gaurdian complaint
Hi, a short summary, I am engaged in a lengthily separation and custody family court case, the case began in April 2016 when my then wife was having an affair, this with a previous 14yr history of police involvements (26) and myself not having a police record from numerous attempts from my ex, herself having a longer violent police history. It is now in the hands of a Cafcass, the basics are, I have never been physically violent to my ex, though it is recorded she has previous physical violent cautions against me. She has admitted in her original statement I never physically harmed her, Cafcass interviewed my three children 9 months after I had left the family home and with me having minimum contact with my children, my eldest son (aged 15) was interviewed by a Cafcass guardian and stated he had heard his mother beating me (at night in the bedroom) but had never witnessed me being violent towards his mother, my two young daughters (aged 8 and 6) whether it was both or just one, said they had witnessed me physically harming their mother, baring in mind my two daughters are very venerable and my youngest suffering with Autism.
I was asked to attend a course for LDAPP (Lancashire Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Program) which I did, unfortunately I was asked to sign a agreement stating I was physically and verbally abusive to women and agreed to make changes.
I have never hit a woman in my entire life and I am 63, at first I was reluctant to sign the form but eventually signed it, unfortunately as I was portrayed as the victim I was not able to continue with the course.
The Cafcass guardian took this to be a negative action, as she believes I am a violent person, and I am still allowed zero contact with my children, this began from a family court hearing in January 2017 and is not due for a hearing until July 2017.
This is a very condensed account and the full facts are as you can appreciate considerably complicated.

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