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Really could do with some help.
Hi guys, thank you for this great forum (please excuse any spelling mistakes)

i find myself in a very hard situation, and i don't know where to turn for help. my wife decidied she no longer wanted to be with me, we have a 7 month old baby, who was born 2 months (9 weeks) premature.

this is where it gets hard, my wife is a dutch national, and got home sick before the birth of my daughter, so we moved to the netherlands when it was safe to travel with our little one.
upon getting there, my father duty was basicaly took over by my mother in law, anything i said or did was not good etc etc, she would be involved in everything, which in turn caused many fights between me and my wife. which led her to asking me to leave, so i returned to the UK.

upon returning i tried to win her back, but it's clear our relationship is over, and i have asked if i can go out in a few weeks to see my daughter, her reply was simply "sorry, but it's better until our lawyers have something on paper", she lets me see her from time to time via skype, but often takes days to reply to any message i send asking after my daughter. 

basically, my mother in law said, if it's over you can come see your girl once a month, here in this house.

it's killing me being away from her, with her so young somebody else will come along then be known as dad.

but she has a british birth cert, and passport (which they refuse to give me) and a dutch passport, she only has 3 blood family member over there, and here 14.

but my question is, can i do anything through the courts here? giving that my girl is a british citizen, sometimes with all that has happenend it feels like i was trapped into moving out there in the first place, as she said to me, her feelings had gone before we even moved there.

i really don't know where else to turn.

forgot to add on in the post, what really concerns me, is that they try to turn my girl against me as she grows up, and her living in a country with another language.

means in the early years of her life, my family will struggle greatly to be able to comunicate with her, me included
So sorry. This really annoys me when someone thinks they can stop a Dad seeing his child. I'd be tempted to move back in and tell the Mother in law to mind her own business (you probably did that already). I don't know enough about the legals but would definitely see a Solicitor and ask about residency so your child can live with you. If you want that. Could you move to Holland and work there otherwise? You can get a copy of the birth certificate if you need it.

I would definitely get legal advice asap. It's almost abduction - except that you moved too and then moved back so not sure how that counts.

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