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Finding it tough
So exhausted and all I want to do is not stress over all this crap and  just move on

Im being hammered in all directions, My character was such a relaxed and happy guy, but now ive become withdrawn, angry and physically and mentally exhausted,

Last year the devil triggered a CAO, it was like winning the lotto when I got her out of my house following years of abuse which was not healthy for my lad.

He remained in my care... The things I should have done is brought a womens guide to screwing over fathers , but I wasnt that type of guy.

I should have took out a non mol and injunction on her thinking about it now.

my son remained in my care and had been since birth as i was his primary carer, me and the ex split up and she moved back over seas when my lad was 8 months old , for her to later return to reconcile.

any way cut a long story short 

1. I got dicked over with a court order which I never agreed too. it came out that it was shared care.? and she ended up with more days that I have, ??? That was never agreed as to what I stated was every other weekend and 2 tea time contacts and no progression of over night until the Bull had completed a parenting programme and attended a DV programe and got her sef a place of her own rather than sponging in a refuge lying her way in claiming to be a victim.

2.  I take the matter to appeal and have the application to appeal granted and paid 1000s to get to the appeal stage

3. I make a application in the interim period to have a stay on the order  while the appeal hearing date is set as there  was  safeguarding concerns raised throughout the hearings  that had not been addressed and contact for overnight with the mother was ordered 
{no consideration of the child's  welfare)  . I listed everything to the judge to consider ie flight risk, emotional abuse, physical abuse, domestic abuse and violence. breach of existing order as mother failed to return our son back in my care on 20 occasions.  police involvement due to  her threatening behaviour and harassment .etc this list i had would have ticked all the court multiple choice questions.

4. the application was not considered as they felt I had to wait for the appeal to be hearing???????

5. My   appeal  for a retrial was granted on grounds of some dimwitts in the lower courts ie magistrates and cafcass did not follow procedures. . however the old order stands?? which contradicts the appeal. re safeguarding concerns and contact, Retrial date in APril. That 3.5 months away.

This is how dumbfounded the system is ,where its not about the best interest of the child at all. Its about money and what makes the money pot grow.

6. So with all my concerns re my son and keeping him safe I get a surprisingly I get a letter from the court. An application submitted from my ex to enforce the order as she has stated that it was I who is breaching the order and being coercive.

Please note I have only seen my ex 2 times. once at the appeal hearing, once at school since  mid November 2017, May be the communication book where I suggested my sons meal time routines  was coercive.

how the monkey brains did her application get passed by the courts ?? where I am back in court to face this nonsense in March?? 
The bloody Retrial/ final hearing etc is in April.. 

7. So instead of shelling out more dosh in April which I now have to find a pot of gold for legal counsel for March.

Im not bloody working cos the fking order is so messed up that it does not allow me to go back to my previous employment. How can you get fully time employment when you have a micky mouse time table of an order.

8 ,The wrath of the ex,,. yep had the divorce petition ,that was 3 weeks ago. havnt even  entertained it. Why?? cos of the way of the courts who dont give a shite about anything apart from making money, I will wait till they send out a reminder.cough cough...

Like i am gonna agree to the lies and allegations while a child proceedings are ongoing. It will be used against me if I say yes sir and no sir to the allegations , I will contest it and represent my self on this until the financial bit of the divorce as I dont intend to give her a penny of my hard earned money and i dont intend to give up  my house either, money grabbing thief that she is. I hate saying this but you dont come to this country and try screw over and scam ya way to money and house after 6 years of marriage.
 worked hard for what I have and dont intend to give it away, Already got scammed of 20k from her filtering out my cash.

9. "the beat me down stick" . must be some where  on the list  in the ,how to fk over father handbook... She has contacted the HMRC where now im being investigated?? for tax?? this is a new on one I have to now produce my bank statements etc...

Any way good news is, the drop in advice and support  clinic is at it final stages, so feel free to access the support when it up and running. 

I need  sleep , but have that worry  if my kid is safe and not on his way to Himalayas as he has his over night today
Wow wonder you're exhausted have really had a tough time ov it.
Its hard mate, i havent got it half as bad as you but keep fighting. It doesnt seem to matter what goes on it seems the mother is always looked at as the superior parent unless something bad happens and it is prolonged. I still dont know how they came about the decision in your case.

My worry now would be that she is starting to make noises and turning it around on you and that spells trouble in my eyes. Again they tend to believe the women. Also the fact that she is getting over nights and will be for the next 3-4 months until the next hearing will only work in her favour because unless something happens where she proves to be unreliable or a danger to the child then the courts are going to look at it as she is perfectly fine getting what she is and there is no reason to think otherwise. It shouldnt have happened but it has and now it will work in her favour i would have thought.

You need to make sure you get specific order and prohibited steps if you dont have already. Because the court may well think she is ok now but fail to recognise what could happen afterwards.
Holy cow buddy - that's awful, my troubles are minor in comparison. I cant offer any advice other than stay strong, keep busy (no problem there) and get some help like CBT if you can. I'm doing self help along those lines and its helping me.....

Mr S
Believe me.. the breaches continue weekly. I self help my self with cbt, counselling as I am trained and qualified in both as well as being in social work.

I will have to see if all the above mentioned will now stand up in court as a emergency application.

Its a bloody joke.
If u work in a professional body all the concerns I have mentioned would scream alarm bells . When u are parent raising same concerns me diddly squat.

Monday I will mail the courts n make them aware of the safeguarding concerns that the continue to ignore.
Email nspcc with the unexplained bruising as social failed to act on my concerns.

Yes Charlie I know they courts will say no issues to overnights. But there are issues and concerns of both emotional and physically harm . You dont simply put a child with some one if their has been concerns previously. Children services would not think of it nor will any other bodies working in the statutory sector. But court and cafcass will?????
Risk assessments should have been undertaken.etc its a complete mess. And its all about money.
They want you to fill in forms and pay fees to have your case heard.???
Why dont they have matters heard with out paying the fees?? Surely the welfare of the child is paramount.

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