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Checking child’s phone
Sorry just putting another post up for advice. As some are aware, my ex is manipulative and hasn’t been following the court order for my 13 year old daughter. Meant to see daughter every alternative weekend Friday to Sunday and get holidays. Ex has thwarted this and holiday plans were torn apart by ex - unfortunately I had no money to go back to court. My exes game plan is to say she can’t control my daughter and now that she is 13, she can do what she wants and she can’t really do much to “force her to go with her dad” and that I’m making my daughter anxious by trying to enforce a court order and just need to leave my daughter alone.

The real truth is my ex manipulates my daughter and makes her feel guilty for attending contact with me. Daughter loves me so much but just wants an easy life (and I don’t blame her). My daughter has said about how her mum is and she’s absolutely petrified of her mother. I have a lot of text messages on my daughters phone where my ex is making my daughter feel guilty for having spent a night with me and not spending time with her (note on my COURT ORDERED time)and is saying questionable things about me and my current partner (e.g don’t trust dad and your dad is the reason you’re so anxious etc). Have all this in text message evidence. My question is if my daughter is spoken to by the courts, my daughter will back her mother up to the hilt and my ex will say I have invaded my daughter’s privacy by taking copies of these manipulation messages. What are my rights to checking my daughter’s phone in terms of the law? I live in Scotland so not sure if there’s much difference here.

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