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Contact with child issues with ex and her parents

I have recently separated from my partner of 6 years. We have lived together the whole time and been a dad to her daughter who is now 9, we have a son who is 4 together.
I said to my ex that I didn't want her parent picking my son up from nursery or a school,I do work shifts but if she wants to stay late at work I could get him and her if needed to help her. 
I don't want the grandparents having as much contact with my son as they are poisonous I heard what they used to say about my step daughters dad when she was having issues with my ex partner in earshot of step daughter

I moved out about 4 weeks ago and on that night her dad came over making verbal threats to me no one heard saying he was going to kill me, the police were involved and he said he feared for children's safety, those kids are my world and wouldn't harm them ever.
The police have said no further action but will put a social services referral due to call.

Things have been up and down since then with me having him over the Mother's Day weekend as she was away with friends and to help out I picked my step daughter from her dad to help her ,on returning them on the Sunday at10pm by the time she arrived they got upset and so too did I, I got a lot of nasty messages from her about them being upset.

Tonight I have been into local supermarket and her parents have got my son from nursery to help out, I have lost my temper and had an arguement with them and her when she arrived over the suitability of them having him!
The step daughter is away with school for a few nights!

My ex partner is now not letting me see my son or even letting me know when I can have him.

I work 4 days on and 4 off so work 5 weekends out of 10 but won't let me have him for 5 consecutive weekends.
Can anyone help or advise if they have had any other issues.

Can anything be done to stop them seeing my son or reduce it?
I have parental responsibility as on birth certificate.

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Contact with child issues with ex and her parents - by Para1 - 03-11-2016, 01:11 AM

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