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Can my Ex stop me seeing my kids???
(12-23-2016, 07:30 PM)MarkR Wrote:
(12-23-2016, 10:24 AM)warwickshire1 Wrote:
(12-23-2016, 09:44 AM)shaun77 Wrote: Oh well, that's my question answered.  It's all pretty much a sticky state of affairs.  We (as I thought) were happily married (6 years ago now mind).  She had the affair which I couldn't get over, obviously we had many overly heated disputes back then.  Due to being a passenger in a car crash a couple of years ago, I spent several months on the sick, unable to work.  At the time I gave her the option on me lowering my child maintenance payments down to the £5 per week I to pay when either unemployed or on the sick, or she could just wait till my compensation claim comes through and I would pay all that is owed through the loss of earnings I would receive.  The insurance company which I am claiming my compensation from are only willing to refund me 2 months of my loss of earnings instead of the 7 months I was on the sick for (proof of which has been forwarded to my wife via forwarding emails from my solicitor).  It's since me informing her of the money she may actually receive that she has started the awkwardness, trying to prevent me from seeing my 3 boys.  She lives 100 miles away from me as after our married life broke down and I had nowhere to live I returned back to the to my home town.  During to span I didn't have a car and needed to rely on friends to take me to pick up my children so they could have weekly overnight stays at my house, I was allowed to see the kids 3 to 4 times a year.  Now that I have a car and I can see my kids more regularly, she is now saying I can't see my kids until we have been through court proceedings.  If I was to go through court with her, she and my ex mother in law would simply drag up our previous heated disputes which would probable paint me in a bad light.....Even though up until a few weeks ago, I've had my boys staying over at my house 3 or 4 times a year (Christmas, summer & Easter and the likes).  Am I in a now win situation ???????

My ex wife is trying to stop me seeing my children. She is telling me I must go through the courts (which I can't afford). Can she legally prevent me seeing my kids as I am paying weekly child support money and I am their biological father and am named on their birth certificates.

Thanks for any advice.

Yes she can until you get her to court.  I dont what your ex wife is like as not all people are the same. I would try and speak to her once more and politely ask if you can see your children. If she refuses first thing to do is get in touch with mediation services . they will contact her to see if you can sort it without going to court. that can cost anything from free to around 100 pounds. u can get legal aid on low earnings. If you have no joy with that it is approx 215 pounds to take your ex wife to court once mediation sign the paperwork. With the help of people on this forum you can represent yourself without the need of a solicitor and keep costs very low. you got PR , your paying maintenance and u been seeing them regurlarly.
Whatever you do avoid sending abusive texts ranting and altercations as im not saying she will she could get non molestation orders and restraining orders anything to stop you seeing children and to make it harder for you to get access. a lot of people including myself have been through what you have and fully understand why you would want to and dont blame you. but the only way so i learnt myself is the legal way which can be slow process and totally unfair. right round christmas as well ..very spiteful

Just to add into this, the Status of the Child Support has no legal bearing on a case.

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