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Custody of children
(05-08-2016, 12:57 PM)Lee0204 Wrote: Hi has anyone fought for custody of their children and won?

I'm thinking of doing it but don't want to waste a load of money if I have no chance?


Im in that process right now.

How are your current arrangments in place? Informal or Formal (Mediation or Court Order)?

This will depend on the way forward, and an idea on why you want to do it.

In terms of cash, you can self represent. A typical court fee is £215 (reduced if on low income, free if on some means tested benefits), but at this stage I am not sure if your able to go via court.
Posts made by me are my opinion and any factual information should be checked out. If you do not have a Solicitor, often your local CAB can get you some initial advice.

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