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Taking the pressure off myself
Hi all...

I wondered if anyone had any experience of 'councelling'? I'm finding certain things a bit of a struggle - mainly putting too much pressure on myself to be a perfect dad/make every day out super special etc. It stems from having a great childhood myself - aI want my kids to have the great memories I do, even if I/we have shattered their childhood somewhat with the split.

It occasionally gets the better of me in terms of snapping a tad or taking the hump when the kids don't seem to enjoy a visit somewhere (ie, when it's not as perfect as it was in my head). Could do with a sounding board for giving stuff like this perspective - I'm much more relaxed as a dad since the split, but I'm wary that every second counts and /I don't want their memories to be my 'uptight' moments. Every parent has these I know, but they're obviously magnified for us!

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