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Instructed my solicitor finally – What to expect next?
Hello all - Hope everyone is holding up.

Another quick update. I went to the council on Monday, registered as homeless and they've put me in a B&B. I'm on a scheme called SWEP...It means I can stay here on a day by day basis as long as there's a severe weather warning - So the snow has been literally heaven sent for me!

The guy who runs the place is so kind - He's given me a bag of food cause I've got no money atm I am ashamed to say. It's sad when you see people leave here with nowhere else to go, it's a bit like Divorce hotel here, I've heard other men talking about how they ended up here through similar circumstances.

The nonsense with the ex goes on...I got a letter from her solicitor today with photos of how I apparently left the flat in a terrible state with bin bags and mess everywhere. My solicitor is replying tomorrow because little does my evil ex know, I took a comprehensive video on my phone as I left - even filming myself leaving the key and closing the door. What she has done is literally go into the kids bedroom and made a big mess of it, taken a photo and said that's how I left it - saying how little I care for the kids. My video shows it was left in a completely tidy state - I'm dealing with a complete psycho. There were other photos she's set up too... Thank god I made a 7 min video.

Anyway, shes now going back on the agreed settlement amount on the basis that the flat is now unlivable and I must pay 4k to fix it.

New letter going to her tomorrow probably along with a vide

EDIT : I saw a thread earlier about how some of you guys are using your Nintendo Switches to lose yourselves in. I tell you, if I ever see some money from the flat I'll be getting one with Zelda. It'd be perfect for me right now!

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RE: Instructed my solicitor finally – What to expect next? - by Sector78G - 01-31-2019, 07:54 PM

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