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Finding it tough
Its hard mate, i havent got it half as bad as you but keep fighting. It doesnt seem to matter what goes on it seems the mother is always looked at as the superior parent unless something bad happens and it is prolonged. I still dont know how they came about the decision in your case.

My worry now would be that she is starting to make noises and turning it around on you and that spells trouble in my eyes. Again they tend to believe the women. Also the fact that she is getting over nights and will be for the next 3-4 months until the next hearing will only work in her favour because unless something happens where she proves to be unreliable or a danger to the child then the courts are going to look at it as she is perfectly fine getting what she is and there is no reason to think otherwise. It shouldnt have happened but it has and now it will work in her favour i would have thought.

You need to make sure you get specific order and prohibited steps if you dont have already. Because the court may well think she is ok now but fail to recognise what could happen afterwards.

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