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Spouse Visa / Divorce Imminent - Advice Pls
Hi All,

First time posting here. I am a UK citizen, my wife has lived in the UK with me and our first child (born in 2012 outside the EU) since 2015 on a spouse visa that will expire this year in July. Our 2nd child was born in the UK March 2016.

She is demanding a divorce, that we separate, that I pay for her rent and/or that she be allowed to take our daughters and move back to Israel (which is where we met originally and the place of birth of our 1st child).

Both kids are British citizens.

I have seen a lawyer in London who advised me that my wife doesn't have any right to leave the country with our kids without my consent. Although now I read here that in fact she could apply for that consent from a court and might get it... Our children are now 2 and 6, she is still breast feeding the 2 year old.

Right now we are renting a house in N London.  I lost my job in Dec last year and trying to start a new business.  I tell her that we should just extend her spouse visa and focus on raising our kids until she has established herself in London and can afford to get her own place.  However, she is determined to leave me and either take our kids with her (to a place I am supposed to rent in London) or go back to Israel with them and live there.

Would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has been in a similar position and what my best options are to deal with this.


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Spouse Visa / Divorce Imminent - Advice Pls - by mrmajestic - 03-18-2018, 08:44 PM

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