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Stories of winning!
Hi Guys, 

The title is a bit false and worded incorrectly, I dont mean WINNING as we are not hear for a game, But it would be a lie if I said most of us have been burnt or done wrongly by our previous partners... 

How (if you have) did you conquer , overcome , beat , and win and get back to a happy place ?

I think it would be an interesting read - especially for those who are freshly going through the huge uphill battles with a toxic ex and to show that if you dont just roll over and give in, we can come out the end with a bit of life left in us. 

I had a beer with an old school friend at the weekend who broke with his Ex 6 months previous to me breaking with mine. 
He had a real rough time as his Ex claimed that was physical with her other child during an argument. This was naturally untrue - He broke down to me when this all happened and Ive know the chap for 20 years. 
Based on her stories of this she was able to stop him seeing her, her other child whom he had become very attahced to and of course his/their own daughter for quite some time. The police were involved and although it was not proven and I think the police kind of believed him, the stigma and bad mouthing and local abuse from mums at the school has stuck with him. 

He has always wanted to seek revenge - to which after explaining that isnt always the 'best' way (although many of us would love to!) He has just started a new relationship which holds 2 MASSIVE BONUSES , One - She is young and very attractive and they get on very well indeed, and Two - The new woman lives opposite his Ex!! 
Her daughter plays with his daughter over the park, he has a court order to see his daughter. But the cream on the cake was when he was cutting the new Mrs grass the other week and the Ex and his Daughter walks out of the house and see's him. His daughter is thrilled and his Ex is fuming - apparently. 

He says that its not ideal long term as might become awkward but they are looking to buy a new house together in the near future. 

Epic Win - and a rub in the face to suit.

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