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Stories of winning!
There was never one thing that I could call a win it was lots of things.
The basic premise is, my ex hated the fact I gave up on her, not because she loved me but because of ego. She openly wished me to fail without her.
When I first left her I had nothing, my parents lived an hour away so I had to take my 1 year old daughter to the local supermarket cafe or beg my friends to let me come to their house with my child. Dark times.

I worked on my career, I found a rented room in a house nearby, I had my daughter as much as possible.
When I finally went consulting earning a lot of money the ex was extremely resentful. It was like winning the lottery, I got a 3 bed house in the same road as ex, found a partner, we get on great and she is such a nice person, everyone tells me what an upgrade she is. I calmly asked for 50/50 and the ex fought me EVERY step of the way. Eventually we got to court and she was forced to agree to a 5/9 split. Not ideal but a massive step for 50/50 shared residence one day.
So despite the fact I worry about EVERYTHING, I know my ex is in a very sticky situation, she escaped taking the stand in court and defending her lies but she does know if she makes a mistake she'll be back in court losing her sole residency order.

The wins are little, and every day I get closer to equal parenting. She tried to make me into a McDonalds dad, her babysitter. Now she HAS to agree to a change this weekend so I can take daughter to a party, because Ive changed many times and she can no longer behave like she's entitled to say no, or that my time is less important, because she knows what it will look like in court.

They say there are no winners in family court and I completely get that, my ex and I have spent the cost of a private education on fighting each other. But I still believe my daughter has won. She has taken to the changes like a duck to water is an extremely happy child. Yet something else my ex is fuming about, she hates that our daughter loves and sees us as equal parents.

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