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Evenings without the kids
(06-26-2018, 05:11 PM)dragonsdaddy Wrote: What does everyone do when your at home on your own I’m finding the loneliness to be an absolute killer . Recently started going on walks but that gives me too much time in my own headspace occasionally play the PS4 and have been reading a fair bit just curios to see what you dads do looking for a few ideas?
Could we not just do a separated dads stag do type thing haha ?

I get two nights off a week (15yo daughter lives with me for now) and I use that time to see my girlfriend, go for a meal, have loud sex on the sofa and get drunk, not necessarily in that order. I actually get more time to myself when my daughter is 'home' because she is usually out at friends, shops or in her room etc. This time is mostly me on 'taxi standby service'. I use this alone time to exercise, watch Netflix (its awesome, get it), read, potter on in the house or garden, see my friends. When I was dating I turned it into a hobby/art-form that took up my time. 

Expanding your social network is crucial, fix regular meet-ups with buddies for a meal after work, pictures or a footy match? Maybe join a club or hit the gym or a sports club too?

Good luck

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