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Hi hope some one can help my son is 9 years old split from his mother over nine years ago had regular contact until he was 7 then bang she stopped it didn't see him for a year court ect got a contact order 3 nights every 2 weeks things have been just fab then 2 weeks before Christmas she stopped contact 2015 devastated I applied for a court inforcment order hearing 28 aprill 2016 first hearing was feb orderd a s7 report just feelings and wishes to my shock horror my son has said doesint want to see me . he has also told the school I hate my dad I want to kill him and asks is it ok to love my dad since this has unfolded ive found out she went to see a pediatrition with out son but went on about domestic violence been through diff doctors and groups ect son now app scared of me for no reason ive never and havint committed any thing I got married in 2008 to a teacher. she had a long term partner who left her and that was when the shit hit the fan first time round   this time its revenge cafcass have been useless we belief that my son being coached and made to hate me Huh

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