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(10-27-2018, 08:58 AM)SeanS Wrote: Thanks Mike. For some strange reasons she ditched her second solicitor,  now she is representing herself ! I believe she must have realised she was spending a LOT on solicitor for the peanuts she is fighting for.

That’s right I’m going after her property which she has repaid most of the mortgage(overseas) during the marriage.

I have a sneaky feeling Court will laugh at both of us self represented, mediation and solicitor failed, knocking on court’s door for few grands here and there (or may be nobody gets nothing at all!) wasting courts time. Hey ho I just hope it is life lesson for her, how she lost everything she had it for free by calling it quits for the sake of getting share in my pension.

Min made a similar mistake because my pension pot was much larger than hers. Courts don't like to order pension sharing order because it is complicated and costs money to transfer part of the pot. So if there are assets to offset, this is what they will do. I stood my ground and in Form E mentioned every asset she owns, including her car, her jewelry, her expensive rugs etc etc. 
Eventually she settled to give me a higher share of the family home. She also had an expensive lawyer while I got help from a very good McKenzie friend that cost a fraction.

Some women give all women a bad name. Mine was one of those.

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