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Help Needed
I am a single father of 2 boys, my ex an I split when our children were 7 and 17 months old. from that time (5 yrs) I have looked after my children alone with little input or assistance from their mother. Recently I have had to stop overnight visits to their mother as she threatened to not return them if I contacted child maintenance to get money for the children but I had to do this due to financial difficulties increasing and needing more help financially towards the boys needs. 

I have received a letter from her solicitor last week advising that she is applying for full custody and to be honest I am scared for the first time since having them. I am going to have to represent myself due to cost for legal representation and am unsure of my rights and the process that will be involved.

I am looking for any help with the process I may be faced with, how to deal with her solicitor and the miss information she has already given. 

Any legal advice or assistance would be greatly appreciated. currently there is no order in place and this is the first legal action taken by either of us.

Thank you in advance.

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