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Ex wife won't communicate - can't contact Son
Mediation rarely works unless you have a good relationship with the ex. The legal requirement to apply to court is to have attended a MIAM (the first information session which you go to on your own). They then contact the ex and invite her. If she won't go or doesn't turn up you ask the mediator to sign you off and you need that sign off to apply to court. Don't waste any time getting on with it as the longer you don't see him the more chance she has to alienate him.

When it's in an order then it's enforceable. ie if she prevents you seeing him you enforce the order and a Judge can penalise and/or vary the order say to more time or different arrangements to try and ensure she keeps to it. If you have to enforce more than three times they can even add a clause to say if she does it again then residence will be transferred or some other incentive to make her comply. Your son has a legal right to a regular and significant relationship with both parents. You have legal parental responsibility and are therefore entitled to be involved in any educational or medical decisions regarding your son - because you're equally responsible for him.

The fact that the divorce is out of the way is good - you can focus on the child arrangements. Do you want to see him more than once every two weeks? It doesn't sound very much. If you're happy with that then ask for that. If you want more then ask for more. The standard is every other week-end and a midweek overnight plus half the school holidays. You could ask for that saying your ex would not agree to more than one night a fortnight and is now preventing all contact, even by phone.

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