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A thank you this Christmas
Last Christmas I would never imagine that I would be here now on Christmas Eve 2018
being separated from my son and now divorced. It has been quite a year !!!
I would having found this forum a couple of months after separation in April I would just like to give
my very great thanks this Christmas to all Dads who post on here but especially those with great
experience and knowledge who give fantastic, considered and straight advice to all who ask and seek it
at times of great need with little knowledge of what is before us...... your care and compassion for fellow Dads is
simply amazing.
I am lucky compared to many that I will at least see my son on Boxing Day and am at least grateful for that
but I will be thinking not only of all Dads and your own children to who I have read so many of the posts
over the last months but especially offer my great thanks to the members who reply back giving a huge amount of
their time with immense and valuable knowledge.
With as best as we can make it Christmas wishes to all.

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