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Statement for contested final hearing
Evening Dad's
Is anyone able to give me some pointers with regard to what to put in my statement / document bundle for a contested final hearing.
I have a week or so to get one submitted.
Was planning to include a letter from my employer confirming that they are happy with me working flexible hours around the days I have my boy.
Some photos of good times.
Didn't know whether to include some texts showing the unreasonable nature of his mum or just to purely focus on the best interests for the lad.
It is worth mentioning relationships he has with my family and friends.
Any pointer would be very much appreciated and hopefully this thread will come in handy for lots of other dad's in a similar position.
I've been advised to use c120 form to as a template.
Aware that I should be aiming for 4-6 pages for the statement but heard some bundles can go into a couple of hundred page. What supporting evidence should I also submit.
Would really appreciate all of your comments as feel I have a hell of a lot riding on this.
Maybe some of you who have already written statement for final hearing would be kind enough to share what you put in them.
Thanking you all in advanced.

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Statement for contested final hearing - by littleangel - 02-06-2019, 06:26 PM

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