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Mediation/How to inform the child/ISW

I am writing in this section as I'm not sure which section it belongs.

I have two questions:

- How does mediation usually contact the other party? My ex didn't respond to mediation and I proceeded with Court application. Now that we have a Hearing date she is claiming that she was never contacted by the mediation who had her telephone number and address. I assume that they have a procedure to follow to contact the other party?

- How to approach it with the child. My daughter is 8yo and isn't aware that I'm asking for more time. Eventually we will have to mention it to her, especially as CAFCASS or an independent worker will visit her. Not sure how to mention it to her in way that doesn't involve her too much in adult worlds.

Actually I have another question.: Does anyone out there has experience of an independent social worker? My lawyer recommended that I go this route and I applied for it at Court. 

Thanks for any answer.

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