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My experience thus far
Evening all.

I had a directions hearing last week. My case has been on going for over a year now but the final hearing is in two months. I won’t give too much away in case of prying eyes and the final hearing is finally over.

Been a while since I posted so thought I’d give you my experience of being a litigant in person for my first ever experience in the child courts (and no doubt not my last).

My ex is being extremely belligerent. Absolute silence from her end in attempts to frustrate and make me crack to make mistakes. Done her best to try and insinuate all sorts of allegations but utterly failed.

I managed by a whisker having to avoid doing an anger management course. The last two hearings have actually gone rather well considering I’ve been up against an angry lying ex and a useless and belligerent cafcass. It has helped however that their own belligerence has shone through.

My tips so far

1) Try and keep your emotions to a minimum and be polite in all emails and the hearings. Note down what is said as you will get a chance to respond. Try and act positive.Do not give her, cafcass or her respondent an edge.

2)Be very careful what you say verbally to an ex’s lawyer regarding any proposal prior to a hearing. Keep conversation to a minimum as they will attempt to twist anything you say as a negative. If needed write down a proposal and hand it to them. There’s certain things they feel they can get away with with a litigant in person.

3)My gut feeling is the process works on the basis that if abuse is alleged then don’t expect miracles on the outset from your first hearing. Ultimately that doubt hangs over your head especially with CAFCASS. Even if that’s entails a prolonged absence from your children. They are testing you to get a reaction.

4) Do what your ordered to do.

5) Play dirty where you can but don’t let it be shown in court. You can get a lot of leeway with magistrates being a litigant in person which clearly winds up solicitors. Especially in terms of what is submitted. Let’s just say I wrong footed the ex’s solicitor big time on the last two hearings.

5)Read the terrain. If CAFCASS and the respondent aren’t giving you an inch in access then don’t ask for a lot either. The less you ask for and they still refuse then the more unreasonable it makes them look.

6) Take out all emotion from your statements in your court statement and try and make it factual with reference points.

7) if the ex is being belligerent you’ve got to try and get factual examples.

8) if your ex is making obvious breach’s of your basic parental rights highlight it and request in the statement that you request them to order an immediate resolution.They just did it with myself as the ex solicitor offered no explanation.

9) if cafcass are being belligerent you need to nail down where this is in their own reports. My officer has made a couple. In addition don’t be afraid to highlight in your statement items that you think should have been investigated by cafcass in their report. You can ask for an addendum to their report. Again, mainly around factual items that will prove your ex’s hostility.

I can only give opinions on my own experience but my ex has given me little reason to want to pay for extra legal help.
If she gives nothing, offers nothing and CAFCASS recommend hardly anything on top of the nothing you already have then ultimately I’m not risking thousands of pounds in legal fees to achieve nothing.

I’ve been on the ropes a few times on my case but if the opponent makes mistakes you can turn it back around by focusing on their errors and prove they are being hostile. That’s including cafcass.

Once my case is over I’ll expand on items I did wrong and right later.

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