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Contact issues

Back again for some advice - contact in the contact centre ceased - centre couldn't cope and said contact was suspended until court review. Said they were a neutral venue and were being put in an impossible situation. Her solicitor was ringing after every contact to see how it went. Son was not allowed to use a soother - was told child isn't allowed one during the day even though first contact he had one attached to his tee shirt. Last session ended when my son changed the child's nappy without asking her permission - even though she had asked him to bring along nappies and wipes she said this was for show. She took the child (now 1 year old) and ended the session early. My son had suffered 6 sessions of her being in the room and now that she was to stay out insisted on watching through the window. Which meant if child saw her he would get upset, that and teething didn't help though saying that it wasn't bad all the time - well not from our point of view. She thought the child was being tortured, said a few times don't worry it will be soon be over. Also referred to my son as 'him' not Daddy. She would not even let my other 2 sons see the child for 10 mins before they headed overseas. One has not seen the child at all and the other only when he was born. They said it was not in the child's best interest!!!!!

So we had a court review 4th September - our solicitor asked if we could enrol the child on a course like baby yoga or something similar, that my son could take him to. He had prepared a C2 due to the mothers implacable hostility. But she agreed to the course we had picked and the C2 was no longer relevant as she was now compliant (playing the game). However then she said she would only agree only if she was there to change a nappy. We tried to negotiate, would it suffice if I was there, no, she wanted her mum. Given her mum's past treatment of my son we declined and suggested both Granny's could be present. That was also declined. My son is quite capable of changing a nappy and while at the contact centre there was a protest from the child for a short bit, it was over and done in seconds. You would think the child has never kicked off when with her. The deputy judge was not impressed given the lack of progress and agreement but adjourned the case until the resident judge would be residing. Due back again next week 18th. Son not seen child for 4 weeks now.

Any advice for my son (dyslexic) and finds things difficult to understand and process. What should he have prepared to get the judge on his side and show how controlling and obstructive she is? A statement, a parenting plan?

Many thanks

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