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Should I be Here ?
Just wanted to make sure that I'm not totally in the wrong forum.
My wife and I have just split but, unlike most of you separated dads, I'm actually quite fine with the idea that my 5 year old daughter will spend most her time with her mum. You see, I'm retired and over 70 and my daughter (I love her to death) is a rather large handful. She's wonderful, so dramatic and sooo emotional and, when you get to 70, you really want more peace than histrionics, so in a way, the separation might eventually become quite a positive thing for me.
   But let's get it straight, it was my wife who insisted on the separation. Even although, I've had many huge challenges with this woman and they would continue, I asked that she might wait until our daughter was ready to go to high school, but my wife would not even discuss that. She doesn't want to stay another minute with me. So, I really wanted to find out where I stand in this situation.
Like, after I pay the child maintenance that my income dictates, this woman is likely to make, sorry will make all kinds of demands for everything to keep her and her child “in the style.......”
I get a fairly modest state pension and social security from America where I lived. So, my monthly income is approximately £1300.
Have just checked and, using the official child maintenance website, it tells me I should pay £145 per month. Now, I can certainly manage more than this to cover some extra things but how much can my wife demand? That's the scary part for me.
   I would really appreciate any suggestions or help from those of you have already been through what I'm about to go through. It is pretty damn scary, but I know that this has to happen so that my wife and I can eventually move on to things much brighter.

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