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New Partner / Spousal Maintenance
Hi all

My ex-wife had an affair 2 years ago and is still with this guy who regularly stays over at the former marital home even when my children are present.  

I have settled my divorce and agreed to pay £250 per month spousal maintenance over 3 years (£3k per year).   She has stated via solicitors & on the consent order that she has no intention of co-habiting but I know he stays over at least 3-4 nights a week.  My children also confirm he makes terrible porridge!!

I don't care he stays there but I transferred the house to her for a small lump sum to safe guard the kids and on the assumption it would be for her and the children as a single mum, not to set them up.  

The agreement is spousal maintenance ends if she co-habits for 3 months but other than knowing he stays over a few nights a week, how could I possibly prove he is co-habiting??

He won't ever be on bills, council tax or electoral etc and would support her with cash / buying groceries etc.  I haven't yet but would rather stop the spousal maintenance payments but this would be a breach of the signed consent order and I have no physical evidence to prove otherwise.  

I would rather have the £9k in my bank over 3 years than hers!!!

Any advice would be welcome.  

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